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"My back hurt. I imagined feathers puffing up and out full-sized on my skin like the seeds of a blown dandelion. They would start small and then build in size, a cacophony of black softness that wanted me to fly my way out of here and back home."

Red and Feathered
Horned Things Journal
June 2022

"Simon just telling us where his wallet and keys were, and then googling the nearest hospital, felt more capable than someone who cut nearly half their finger in two should have done."

Penumbra Online
August 2022

"If I tried hard enough, I could tell myself that it was all doable. All able to be consumed. I just had to use the tips of my fingers to gather the crumbs and the heel of my palm to sweep them into my mouth."

Chaotic Merge Magazine
September 2022

"'Maybe you should cut it out of you and hold it for a little while,' J's date says. He leans forward and taps the exposed skin from the low neckline of my shirt. Right between my ribs. 'Have you ever tried to hold your own heart before?'

Vol. 1 Brooklyn
Forthcoming 2023